Privacy Policy VideoMonster


Hi, we are Doro and Hans, the makers of VideoMonster, the YouTube Player for kids.

We are parents ourselves (we have two kids). Therefore we take your childs privacy very seriously.

Just read on to see what VideoMonster includes and what it doesn’t.

No In-App-Purchases – All Features included

VideoMonster comes complete with all features. There are no in-app purchases anywhere.

No Personal Information Is Collected

VideoMonster does not collect any personal information.

The only extension we use is Flurry Analytics (Link). It helps us get insights about the usage of the app. We learn about devices used with our apps and errors, that occur while using the app. All this information is collected anonymously.

No Ads

VideoMonster does not show any apps. We even stripped out the apps provided by the video sources.

PIN-Protected Video Chooser for Parents

The Video Chooser is available via the little gear icon at the lower right edge of the player screen (many kids don’t even recognise it). The Chooser can be secured by a PIN, which you only have to enter once in the settings.

Appart from selecting Videos from our lists or searching in YouTube, the chooser lets you read the latest VideoMonster News on Facebook, share videos on Facebook or Twitter and connect to us via email or the app store.

All secured by the Video Chooser PIN.

Ask us Anything

We listen to your questions and concerns, just send us an email at, call us at +49 221 677 707 202, or reach us via mail at Firma Dorsch, Domstr. 39, 50668 Koeln, Germany.