Dumb Ways to Die

There is a tune, that could be heard in our office and our home for the last weeks. And we and our kids (8 and 11) just can't stop playing it.

»Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die.«

And apparently we are not the only ones:

  • 53 million clicks on YouTube
  • Top 10 ranking for the song by Tangerine Kitty on iTunes

If I told you, that our heads are bobbing along to the tunes of a Public Service Announcement, you probably wouldn't believe me, but it is true.

The song and the video are part of a campaign by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia, to prevent people from dying, just because they are behaving carelessly on train platforms,

So there they are, a lot of cute little creatures (I didn't count them), doing dumb things and dying. This is macabre, but without gloating. You just have to feel pity for them and – you just have to watch it over and over again.

We put the video in our List 7+, along with a sing along version with lyrics, a version with teenagers reacting to the video and one of the many alternative versions, »Dumb Ways to Die in Rio«.

So, go ahead, download VideoMonster, go to the Video Chooser under ★ NEW ★ NEU ★ NOUVEAU ★ and look for Dumb Ways to Die.

And now a Public Service Announcement for Parent:

Watch this video without your kids first.

PS: There's a super cute game for iPhone and iPad on the App Store as well, that let's you prevent the little creatures from doing dumb things. Find it here on the App Store.

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